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About GeGRI
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the website of Global e-Governance Research Institute(GeGRI), INHA UNIVERSITY. Global e-Governance Research Institute(GeGRI) was founded in April 2012.

As you all know very well, Korea is one of the leading countries about e-Government and also Korea's e-government has been awarded the first position since 2010. Meanwhile, our institute has long had an effort to reduce the digital gab. The digital divide has been caused by the development of digital economy stands for the internet and it also has a meaning of the imbalance of classes and groups as a social problem.
Social, political, and economic elements influence the implementation of e-Government greatly. These include information infrastructure of a country, human resources, leadership and vision, maintenance of a legal system, and a revolutionary public administration system.

Therefore, it is now proper time for Korea to propose the establishment of Global e-Governance Research Institute(GeGRI) to work on the subject matter of 'Global e-Government and Digital Gap Reduction' focusing on developing countries.

Your proactive participation and help are required to make sure that all the challenges can be accomplished successfully. We would like to ask for your interest, support, advice and encouragement about our challenge.