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The Social Network System (SNS) opens the possibility of a new governance model overcoming the previous limitations of E-government services which are provider-oriented, frequently missing timeliness, and inefficient in communications with unanimous customers.

New SNS technologies such as Semantic, Wikipedia, Mash-up have proved that unanimous customers are now having powers of creating new contents and values, individuals can create political agendas and lead discussion groups, and collective intelligence via Wikipedia overcomes the limitation of conventional theories and wisdoms.

In this situation, New paradigm of governance may not be explained by conventional understanding of IT and its impacts on public management or organizational settings. The issues of e-government cannot simply be approached in a single organization or just across organizations without understanding dynamic interactions between different organizations and people which influence organizational settings, power structures, and even cultures with each other. These are challenges of future e-government as well as issues for public administration.

It was an urgent call to organize Global e-Governance Research Institute(GeGRI) in the development of organizational research on e-Government in the Korean society. e-Gov research has been widely conducted around the world, and other parts of the world already have organized associations for e-Government. Korea also has enough intellectual resources to launch organizational discussions on e-Government . The successful development of Korea provides unlimited intellectual resources for further theoretical developments. Organizational initiatives with regard to e-Government are desperately needed by the Korean society and around the world

The GeGRI will make contributions to building a better e-Government society. The studies based on experiences specific to the Korean society will offer valuable lessons to other countries. Research and studies conducted by the GeGRI will provide a better understanding of e-Government in Korea and over the world and ultimately suggest better directions of e-Government . Activities by the GeGRI will focus on providing the necessary knowledge to narrow the current digital gap as well as invest telecommunication infrastructure and human resources for developing countries. The GeGRI is looking forward to the participation of those who share with the purpose.