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Manuscript Guidelines
International Journal of eGovernance and Networks
General Submission Guidelines

IJeN manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines. Manuscripts should be no longer than 35 pages, including all elements (abstract, an opinions for practitioners, endnotes, references, tables, figures, appendices, etc.) formatted in Times New Roman, 12-point type, double-spaced with one inch margins.

Submissions should include the title of the manuscript, an abstract of approximately 150 words, an opinions for practitioners of 100 words, and a list of 4 or 5 key words alphabetically on the title page but do not include the author(s) name on the title page. Since IJeN uses a blind peer-review process, please remove any indications of authorship in the body of the manuscript. The author(s) name, affiliation, and contact information should be listed on a separate page preceding the title page of the manuscript.

Manuscripts must be submitted for review in a widely accepted word processing format, such as Microsoft Word. Notes are taken to the end of the conclusion, with a superscript number in the text referring to the note. Please do not use the automatic format feature in your word processing program for numbers and do not use the footnote feature to embed endnotes.

Each appendix should be placed following the reference section on a separate page. Tables or figures must be on a separate page at the end of the manuscript, corresponding to the placement within the text. Indicate placement of tables, figures, etc. in the text as follows: insert the sentence, [Table 1 here], and leave one blank line space before and after a table. Tables should be formatted in a word processing program and figures should be produced in one of .doc, .ppt, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg formats. Original source files should be provided for graphics in jpeg files, excel spreadsheets, etc.

URL citations in notes or references must include the article…s or website…s author/company, the name of article or website, and date of the article or last website revision.

Please note that headings should appear as follows in 12-point type:
• A-heads are bold, upper and lower case, align left, one blank line space above and below
• B-heads are bold Italics, upper and lower case, align left, one blank line space above and below
• C-heads are italics, upper and lower case, align left, one blank line space above and below
• D-heads are italics, indented with a tab, and text follows after

After Acceptance Guidelines

Permission to reproduce copyright material, for print and online publication in perpetuity, must be cleared and if necessary paid for by the author. Authors will be required to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement(CTA) for all papers accepted for publication. Signature of the CTA is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless a signed form has been received.

Please be sure to review all manuscript guidelines and apply them accurately(e.g., reference in APA, headings, spacing, and Table/Figure format).

It is also the author's responsibility to include acknowledgments as stipulated by the particular institutions. Details of all funding sources for the work in question should be given in a separate section entitled "Funding." This should appear before the "Acknowledgments" section.

File_link : Guideline_Example.docx